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Student Success from Enrollment to Retirement

Inspiring learners to pursue their purpose in education, career and employment.

Oral Roberts University
Oral Roberts University
Montgomery Community College

Where Science Meets Purpose

"Students so often find their purpose
when they learn how their gifts align with opportunities and needs in the world of work. PathwayU™ is state-of-the-art, incorporating evidence-based practice at every step.
It's built for impact, and will give you results."

- Dr. Bryan Dik, Chief Science Officer

How Are We Different?

We use proven science and predictive analytics to converge a learner’s fit to purpose and passion as we drive optimal education decisions, degree completion, and career success.

We Deliver Your Brand In An Online Platform

One platform for use across the entire student lifecycle.

We Use Predictive Science

Proprietary methods guiding learners with predictive science to optimal education and vocational choices beyond skills and abilities.

We Drive Educational Success

Impacting program persistence, grade point averages, graduation rates, and student success.

We Connect Your Students To Careers That Fit

Connecting students with real-world opportunity during and after their educational journey.

An Elegant Solution for Complex Problems

“US college dropout rates are 'tragic’. More Americans are going to college than ever before, but students face unprecedented challenges. Over 44 million Americans collectively hold more than $1.4 trillion in student loan debt and only 54.8 percent of students graduate in six years.”

- Bill Gates

Driving Student and Institutional Success

PathwayU is a game changer for your institution and your students, having measurable positive impacts on retention, student attitudes, and performance.

Student Confidence in Educational Path

Retention Rates

Student Confidence in Communicating Goals

Grade Point Avg

How Do We Do It?

Users Quickly Discover Their Gifts

Learners use this knowledge with our scientific analytics to make the best education and vocational choices along their journey.

Guidance To Pathways of Meaning and Purpose

We provide the context of “WHY” they should choose a path. This context often drives impact in program retention and outcome success.

An Education Destination Focus

Through our discover, model and connect approach we provide  comprehensive tools that enable decisions that lead to success in each step of the education lifecycle.

Connections To Real World Opportunities

We enable connections with real-life internships, jobs, and career opportunities that will fit with your students’ educational choices and their gifts. 

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Ease of Implementation

In less than 24 hours, your entire campus can be using PathwayU!

24 Hour Deployment

All you need to get PathwayU deployed is an internet connection, branding standards, a contact form, and a link for scheduling appointments.

The First Week

PathwayU will provide counselor and admin training, as well as a Marketing “GO” package providing best practices to drive student adoption, engagement, and usage.

The First Month

After one month, we’ll be able to provide usage reports, follow-on training as needed, and initial findings from pre and post user surveys so you can see the immediate impact your offering to the lives of your learners. 

A Platform for the Entire Education Lifecycle

Our end-to-end, comprehensive student success platform has been seamlessly integrated across departments in real-world universities.

Our Clients Say...

I can’t say enough great things … it allows us to seamlessly help students discover careers of interest, pick majors and final programs of study. The tool has been a very valuable resource for our students.

– Courtney SheltonVice President of Professional Development, Spartan Methodist College


“Students tell us that PathwayU offered valuable insights. These results offered new considerations to the way they pursue career pathways.”

– Rick VarleyDirector of Career Development, University of Hawaii at Manoa


“PathwayU provides us the ability to offer a very easy to use online platform to augment the career development services we offer.  Their unique focus on guiding students by the predictive measures of where they will find joy, purpose and meaning is something very important to us. Living out one’s calling is integral to a sustainable and meaningful life.”

– Dr. Danny KirkpatrickDirector of Calling and Servant Leadership, University of the Southwest

“PathwayU, allows our students, academic advisors, faculty and career services staff to have a very easy adoption of use.  Additionally, we were able to feed this information back to other technology systems so that we can track student progress through the tool and begin to use the data provided as part of our predictive analytics work.”

– Montgomery County Community College IPASS Team


“ORU’s approach to education is ‘Whole Student’. A student’s journey should not only be rich with experience, joy and knowledge, but also filled with opportunities to connect them to the ultimate destination of a meaningful life. For us, PathwayU, offered the perfect marriage of emerging technology and education tools. Their platform will play a role in many programs here at ORU. Making this decision was simple knowing our purposes were perfect alignment and would enhance many of the outcomes we intend to reach.”

– Dr. Kim NugentVice President for Student Experience, Oral Roberts University